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Oregon Beach Wrestling Championships

2015 Oregon Beach Wrestling State Championships

Results from the 11th Annual Oregon Beach Wrestling State Championships - May 30th 2015 in Hood River, OR. 

Over 25 clubs represented by almost 80 participants.  


Grade School Lightweight:

1st - Ezekial Lopez - Aloha

2nd - Noah Preston - Indy

3rd - Leyton Adams - Hood River


Grade School Middleweight:

1st - Ian Preston - Indy

2nd - Dillon Lee - Metro Mat Club

3rd - Moise Lopez - Aloha


Grade School Heavyweight:

1st - Trevor McCoy - Aloha

2nd - Ashton Brock - Aloha

3rd - Jack Tracey - Rick Sanders WC


Middle School Lightweight:

1st - Malachi Tishendorf - Sherwood

2nd - Brendin Lee - Metro Mat Club

3rd - Logan Moore - Aloha


Middle School Middleweight:

1st - Maka Yacapin - UP Vikings

2nd - Ryan Wheeler - UP Vikings

3rd - Evan Janson - UP Vikings


Middle School Heavyweight:

1st - Devin Neal - UP Vikings

2nd - Romeo Montonago - UP Vikings

3rd - Caleb Fields - UP Vikings


High School Lightweight:

1st - Jason Shaner - Hood River

2nd - Riley Riffe - UP Vikings

3rd - Patrick Wheeler - Unattached


High School Heavy Lightweight:

1st - Baylee Tran - UP Vikings

2nd - Matthew Lee - Milwaukie

3rd - Tony Alvarez - Aloha


High School Middleweight:

1st - Connor Kurtz - Centennial

2nd - Collin Swinehart - Central

3rd - Lehi Briggs - Tumoly WC


High School Light Heavyweight:

1st - Tanner Swinehart - Central

2nd - Jay Roberts - UP Vikings

3rd - Sam Crow - Central


High School Heavyweight:

1st - Cortez Rodelo - Aloha

2nd - Joe Lineberger - The Dalles

3rd - Tony Munoz - Wilsonville


Women's Open:

1st - Payton Rigert - Hood River

2nd - Mara Briggs - Unattached


Men's Open Lightweight:

1st - Dave Bisers - Alive MMA

2nd - Alexander Kramer - The Dalles MS

3rd - Justin Tishendorf - Sherwood


Men's Open Heavyweight:

1st - Nigel Bond - Wilsonville

2nd - James Halicki - Unattached

3rd - Mark Tracey - Rick Sanders WC

2014 Oregon Beach Wrestling Championships in Hood River, May 17th Results

Kids Lightweight:

1st- Malachi Tishendone (Sherwood)

2nd- Aidan Lybarger (Aloha)

3rd- Erin Kremer (Bear Claw)


Kids Middleweight:

1st- Ryan Wheeler (University Park)

2nd- Devin Neal (University Park)

3rd- Trevor McCoy (Aloha)


Kids Heavyweight:

1st- Riley Davis (Jefferson MS)

2nd- Kyle Murray (Jefferson)

3rd- Jose Martinez (Jefferson MS)


High School Lightweight:

1st- Jason Shaner JR. (Hood River)

2nd- Christopher Chavez (Central)

3rd- Ryan Smith (Heppner)


High School Light Middleweight:

1st- Baylee Tran (University Park)

2nd- Dylan Peterson (Hood River)

3rd- Jenna Powell (Hood River)


High School Middleweight:

1st- Andrew DeHart (Hood River)

2nd- Jackson Helstad (Central)

3rd- Ryan Hintz (Central)


High School Heavyweight:

1st- Tanner Swinehart (Central)

2nd- Clay Bispham (Milwaukie)

3rd- Jonathan Bridgeman (University Park)


Open Division:

1st- Brian Lemmon (Rick Sanders Wrestling Club)

2nd- Andrew Pickett (North Salem)

3rd- Jeremy Waldner (Elite Wrestling Club- Yakima)

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